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As the buyer it is your responsibility to confirm that the item you are purchasing is legal to own in your location, please check all state and local laws to confirm that you can legally own what you are purchasing, it is not our responsibility to confirm that you can legally purchase and have this item transferred to you. STEP 1: UGP receives an approved form of payment from the consumer during normal business hours, 10:00am-6:30pm, Monday-Friday, Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please review our Additional Terms & Conditions below for payment options BEFORE committing to ANY purchase.

STEP 2: A copy of the Federal Firearms License (FFL) from an Authorized Licensed FFL Dealer in your current State of Residence where the item will be shipped and is then sent over to our processing team. We have found using the Gunbroker FFL Database very useful in this process which permits our team to quickly pull and attach your selected/approved FFL Dealer directly into your order profile and expedite orders faster to send to our shipping team. However, there are cases where some FFL Dealers may not be in the Gunbroker FFL Network Database and may cause approval, processing and shipping delays. The FFL Dealer has the option to upload their FFL for free in the GB FFL Database and by doing so, speeds up the approval process and helps orders run smoother in the future if we have shipped to them before, given they exist in the database of course. You may locate an FFL Dealer near you by using the convenient toolbar found at the very bottom of Gunbroker's website page(s).

NOTE TO BUYER: YOU, the customer, ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR COLLECTING AND OBTAINING ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION FROM YOUR RESIDENTIAL STATE AND COUNTY/CITY LAWS REGARDING THE SALES, PURCHASING, AND OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS AND FIREARM PARTS/ACCESSORIES BEFORE BIDDING, no exceptions. *If the firearm is "non-transferable" to YOU, as in you were DENIED, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have your dealer dispose of the firearm; in most cases this means shipping the item back to us (paid by you) for a partial refund.

FFL RESTRICTIONS: FFL Transfers can ONLY be shipped to a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) per federal, state and in some cases city/county laws. If this is your first time purchasing a firearm from us and/or you do not see your FFL Dealer listed, you have some options and we are here to assist in any way possible. Your FFL Dealer has the option to upload their FFL to be kept on Gunbroker database for us to pull from, or we can do it the old school way and have them send us a copy of their FFL via email or fax which is provided in the Gunbroker Portal.

CANCELED ORDERS: Please note, UGP has the right to cancel ANY and ALL orders if we feel there is a discrepancy and/or integrity issue, to include fraudulence, and will be forced to re-list the item for sale within 24 Hours of notice/cancelation. *ALL CANCELED or FRAUDULENT orders made by the registered buyer will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

CASH DISCOUNT: The above prices listed on the item reflects a 3% cash/check discount. This 3% discount is NOT VALID for any credit card purchase(s). Add 3% to the total cost for ALL credit card purchases.

ORDERS & PROCESSING: ALL orders will take up to 3-10 business days during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. Please be advised: UGP is CLOSED on all major US calendar holidays and travel to multiple gun shows throughout the year which may delay response and shipping. ALL orders and emails delivered over the weekend will be processed and attended to the following week. UGP understands the importance of solid communication and apologizes in advanced if we are unable to respond given our small operation and limited staff. Please be patient with us as we further undergo improvements, technical upgrades with our operation (to included hiring efforts) that ensures the best quality service is obtained and provided to all of our amazing customers. Thank you.

SHIPPING & RATES: Shipping is non-refundable and will be fully insured based on the value and weight of the item. We utilize the best rates available via USPS and UPS. Please standby and be patient as we upgrade our GB shipping profile to better serve you in the near future. If for any reason you do not follow through with the auction, decide to change your mind for ANY reason, or decide not to pay for your item, we will automatically block and flag your account. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. You are agreeing to the terms outline with UGP and Gunbroker when you click "Buy Now" or win an action. You also claim you will pay and will not forget to grab a receipt for money orders in transit and respect everyones' time involved in this process. Please note, UGP has the right to cancel ANY and ALL orders if we feel there is a discrepancy and/or integrity issue, to include fraudulence, and will be forced to re-list the item for sale within 24 Hours of notice/cancelation.

INSURANCE & EXPEDITED SHIPPING: We fully insure ALL of our firearms and/or items we ship out which will determines our shipping costs that are subsequently fixed for the Continental United States at an average of what it would cost to insure. If at that time, we are billed more from the Continental United States, we will cover those expenses; however, we will still maintain a standard shipping charge.

WARRENTY & RETURNS: UGP WILL NOT accept returns or exchanges on items classified as "USED" or covered by the manufacturer's warranty. All NEW Firearms will most cases be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. UGP will not be able to assist in this case, and therefore it is the buyers' responsibility to contact the manufacturer within a certain timeframe to resolve any issues, if any. Thank you.

PRICING & ADJUSTMENTS: Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice and may vary. We reserve the right to correct typographic, photographic and/or descriptive errors. Photos may include features and/or upgrades not included in the base model and price. A majority, if not all of the items listed and sold by UGP are "FACTORY NEW" and/or "ORIGINAL" products, unless annotated, or described as "USED" in the item listing. UGP carries high-demand and top item brands related to the firearms industry that is shipped to us directly from our trusted vendors. Due to slight variations in all parts and/or custom versions deviations, we cannot guarantee fullaccuracy ofspecifications or weighton any firearm. . *For any and all "USED" or "CONSIGNMENT" items posted for sale, the serial numbers will still remain protected and will be the exact model as photographed in the listing unless otherwise noted. For all "NEW" models listed and featured in photos, UGP will ship given our current inventory based upon availability, whichmay or may not match the serial number (if shown in photograph) and will/should appear in the final order summary after purchase. If we do not have the item you ordered in-store at the time of purchase, we will contact you and offer your money back, or see if our team can place an order with our vender so you are satisfied. "CONSIGNMENT" items priced auctions are set by the owner and are firm.

IN-STORE & ONLINE RETAIL INVENTORY NOTICE: We do our very best to pull inventory off of our retail store-front upon receiving payment for the item(s) won, or purchased online, and we mean OUR VERY BEST! However, there are cases where the same item is purchased online and in-store at the same time, or near the same time (pending payment). This automatically gives the in-store purchase priority over the online purchase. By the time both retail store-front and online retail systems update, it is too late. We apologize in advanced to all of our online customers and are working through this current issue with advanced software solutions that may assist in avoiding such conflict. UGP will always check to see if other solutions are available and will issue a full refund for the order back to the customer, or contact our trusted vendors and order the same model to be delivered if available at that time.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: UPG is more than obliged to assist you with any questions you may have about a specific item listed for sale. A majority of the time, all of the specifications are listed in the auction to review before bidding alongside professionally shot and detailed photos by our in-house team. Everyday, we strive extremely hard at making sure our inventory and pricing is up to date; this will depend on supply and demand which is out of our control per MAP pricing guidelines with our vendors. In the event you are dissatisfied, please reach out to us so we may find a solution to the problem. UPG is firm about our restocking fees and cancel order fees, so we ask all customers to respect our policies, other bidders/buyers on this online retail platform. Also, keep in mind it is cheaper to ASK QUESTIONS before buying/bidding, rather than leavIng any negative feedback (on both sides of the spectrum). UPG wants to make sure our customers are completely satisfied, so please ask so you have all of the information you need to make a confident purchase(s) from our store.

PHOTOGRAPHY DISCLAIMER: It is hereby noted that all "FACTORY NEW" firearms are test-fired at the manufactures'facility and slight carbon and grease residue per manufacturer safety and regulatory guidelines. Some items may in fact already have blemishes to the finish and cannot guarantee all products are as posted. Photography that is found to be watermarked herein on this online retail platform and listings (Gunbroker.com) are subject to copyright laws and remain the official propertyofUniversity Gun & Pawn at 2012 E. Fletcher Ave in Tampa, Florida 33612. All Rights Reserved 2022 Worldwide. Productsfeatured inphotographs may not represent the complete detail of the item being purchased. Please verify the product based on the Manufacturer Part # (MPN) or SKU# and UPC# and/or GTIN# under the "ITEM CHARACTERISTICS" tabfound on the listing details page before ordering.Color and shade of anodized component may vary from photo.Serial numbers of firearms listed herein will not be photographed for privacy,protection and inventorypurposes and may appear to be blurred in photos. Some older posts will reflect stock photos that were approved of before the ending of stock photography use on GB in 2021. please be patient with us as we upgrade our inventory photos and posting detail efforts s to ensure the best accuracy possible.

TECHNICAL ERRORS: Please contact us in the event there are typographical or technical errors to any detail listings found for sale by UGP to include: PRICING MISPLACEMENT (Example: $699 reads $6.99 or $6,999 reads $69999). PHOTOGRAPHY MISPLACEMENT (Example: Ruger Revolver photo was included in a Smith & Wesson Revolver photo). SPECIFICATION MISPLACEMENT (Example: Capacity for listed shotgun/pistol/rifle reads: '7 Rounds' and also reads: '6+1' Why? NOTE: Based on specifications of a "multi-cal" CB upper and/or lower receivers options available to that specific firearm(s), however it is best to further research acceptable calibers related to the specific firearm(s) and review the manufacturer website for more details. UGP utilizes firearm specifications and information provided to us by multiple vendors which is based off of the manufacturer(s) website. We apologize in advance for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused to our customers, and reserve the right to remove and/or correct and/or cancel the noted misplacements in our listing(s). UGP will issue a refund in the event we cancel a misplacement order noted above after submitting and receiving said approval, which may take up to 7-10 business days to reflect. Thank you kindly.

TERMS & AGREEMENTS: The buyer has hereby been notified by UGP to carefully review Gunbroker policies set forth before bidding, to include inspecting item details listed by UGP to include: All photos match the item listed for sale, the item specifications set forth and provided to the seller (UGP) under the standard Gunbroker listing field options are correct, the MAKE/MODEL NUMBER/MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER/SKU NUMBER/UPC NUMBER is correct, and is solely responsible for all restocking and associated shipping fees involved if in the event the above information is discovered as incorrect upon successful delivery and inspection the item purchased. The buyer has hereby been notified that they are responsible for locating an FFL Dealer before making a purchase(s) and will be subject to additional service, restocking and shipping fees associated if denied or unsuccessful. Thank you for your time.

CONCLUSION: UGP is honored to have made "TOP 100 SELLER" and want to thank all of our wonderful customers out there for choosing us for your firearm needs. We are a small-family owned operation and have been in the business for over 41 years now, serving with the utmost respect, compassion and fairness towards our all of our esteemed customers. UGP wants all of our future and continued customers to be happy, and most importantly satisfied with their purchase(s). We ask future customers to please be patient and reach out to us under the Gunbroker portal first, before firing away any sort of negative review. Let's work together to find a solution to the problem and make the situation right, instead of wrong. Let us help you make the purchasing process easy and most importantly fair.


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